Sacred 2 Fallen Angel – PS3

Picked up a new game for the PS3, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. It’s a hack-n-slash RPG with co-op modes. I mostly got since it has offline co-op, online co-op is cool, but sometimes you want to play a game with someone you know on the same PS3. Haven’t played it yet but I’m assuming it’s like Champions of Norrath, hopefully better! I’ll let you know what I think of it later today.

PC Demo:

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PS3 screenshot

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel PS3

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    Update: OK, so I’ve played a few times now and the controls definitely take some getting used to. But once you’ve got those down it is a pretty enjoyable RPG. It is very similar to Champions of Norrath, but with a lot more features. I’m only level 8 so I have a crap load to explore and complete.