JustMusique – New Tracks Available

JustMusique (Electronica/Dance) has new tracks available for streaming and purchase on ReverbNation. Give em a listen, if you like any of the tracks, hit the store to purchase the mp3. (check out my personal favorite, “The Word”)

Artist Bio:
Always involved in some sort of music entertainment, I started producing beats since 2002. I wanted to bring a mix of original beats and poetry. After a couple of years I started experimenting with sound manipulations and creative deliveries. Slowly, I started gaining grounds on my own style. I never wanted to sound like others so I couldn’t develop that typical commercial sound. Now, I’m no longer finding my style but perfecting it. I do not identify with one genre. Whatever mood I am dictates the style of track I produce. I fuse as many of my influences into any track I touch. Each track is very personal to me and so I do not release it until I feel everything intention has been met. Even if I have a slight hesitation about the track, I do not release it.

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