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Uncharted 2 Among Thieves – Multiplayer Beta

June 3, 2009: Just got my “Unchardted 2 – Among Thieves” multiplayer beta code. This should be an interesting addition to my PS3 game collection. I’ll post some screenshots up later tonight, I can’t capture screenshots from my PS3 in HD so they will be in SD. Check your email or login to the Playstation […]


Sacred 2 Fallen Angel – PS3

Picked up a new game for the PS3, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. It’s a hack-n-slash RPG with co-op modes. I mostly got since it has offline co-op, online co-op is cool, but sometimes you want to play a game with someone you know on the same PS3. Haven’t played it yet but I’m assuming it’s […]


DC Universe Online – PS3 video

This looks like it’s going to be a pretty good console (and PC) MMO. Check out the video below.


Burnout Paradise Updates

Criterion Games will be releasing four updates for Burnout Paradise: “Bogart” (released on 360, will be released 4/24 on PS3) | “Cagney” | “Davis” | “Eastwood” All the details for each update can be found on Criterion’s website, The updates I’m really looking forward to are the motorcycles (Cagney), night time racing (Cagney), and main page update (Davis).


The Agency – PS3 and PC MMO from Sony

I’ve been waiting to see what the first MMO was going to be for the PS3 and “The Agency” looks like it’s going to be it. I can’t wait for more info. I’m glad to see them stepping away from the fantasy theme and going into a new spy/espionage theme, this should be interesting. If […]