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Our “new to us” 2003 Civic

2003 Honda Civic EX: Plain for now but you know me, slowly but surely it will change. Check out the pictures below, threw in one with old faithful, 205000+ miles and still going.


Burnout Paradise Updates

Criterion Games will be releasing four updates for Burnout Paradise: “Bogart” (released on 360, will be released 4/24 on PS3) | “Cagney” | “Davis” | “Eastwood” All the details for each update can be found on Criterion’s website, The updates I’m really looking forward to are the motorcycles (Cagney), night time racing (Cagney), and main page update (Davis).


Navigation Install Gone Wrong! Circuit City, allegedly, does $12K damage to 2008 Civic SI.

This story includes a few of my favorite things, Civics, gadgets, and big companies getting blasted online :o) See the quote and link to the origianl info below: “Bought a Pioneer AVIC Z2 and other components for $3,190.62 in July with only 800 miles on the car under Ticket #1 312402748159 and Ticket #2 312402751067. […]


More BMW 1 Series pictures

Pictures of the BMW 135i. I love it! Click pictures to view full-size.  


Finally! The 2008 BMW 1 Series

OK, it’s finally coming to the US as the 128 and 135. It’s coupe instead of the hatchback (3 door and 5 door) that has been available in Europe for the past few years. I my opinion this version looks much better. Any way I have two pictures on here, one picture from the BMW […]